The Pop-Up Hotel - Booking Terms and Conditions

These booking terms and conditions form the basis of your contract with The Pop Up Hotel Ltd and govern the terms of our relationship. Please read them carefully.
In making a booking with us, or staying at one of our accommodation facility, you are taken to have accepted these terms and conditions and are legally bound by it.
We provide temporary accommodation facilities at various locations and at various time of the year as detailed on website (Our Website). The following general terms and conditions apply to all bookings with us, except otherwise indicated. Additional terms and conditions may also apply for each different location or event – these additional terms and conditions may add to or modify the general terms and conditions. They are typically set out separately on Our Website under the heading for that location or event (e.g. Terraforma Festival).
General Terms & Conditions
1.    Booking
When you make a booking, you are offering to rent a Room from us for the date(s) stated on your booking request (Booking Dates).
The 'Room' for this purpose is a temporary accommodation space, usually in the form of a tent, caravan or motorhome, and has the facilities that are applicable to the particular room type that you have chosen. Such facilities are as described on Our Website, and, where applicable, as stated on our invoice. Photos shown on Our Website are illustrative only and are not meant to be an exact representation of the Room or facilities; we reserve the right to replace the room or facilities we provide to you with room or facilities that are at least equal to the standard of your chosen room type.
A binding agreement arises between us when we accept your deposit. You will receive a confirmation from us when this happens.
2.    Price
The price you have to pay for your Room is as set out on Our Website for your chosen type of room and Booking Dates, or, if different, as set out in writing from us to you (Price).
The Price we charged is in € Euro and you agree to pay us in € Euro.
3.    Payment
To secure the booking, a deposit must be paid (Deposit). The Deposit is generally 50% of the Price for the chosen type of room. The Deposit must be paid immediately at the time of booking. For bookings of less than €300 we ask that the whole amount is paid at the time of booking.
The balance of the Price for your Room (Balance Outstanding) must be paid in full no later than 30 days before the first day of the Booking Dates (Final Payment Date).
If the Balance Outstanding is not fully paid by the Final Payment Date, then your booking will be released and made available for sale to the public again, and your Deposit will be forfeited.
For your convenience, we will charge the Balance Outstanding to the credit or debit card that you have used to pay the Deposit (Your Card) on or shortly after Final Payment Date.
By making a booking, you authorise us to debit any amount owing by you from Your Card through Stripe (the same online payment system that you have used when making the online booking).
4.    Booking Process
You can make a booking by contacting us or using our online booking facility. You will know that the booking for your choice of Room and Booking Dates has been made when we confirm your booking in writing. Please notify us immediately if the details in our confirmation are incorrect.
Our online booking facility is provided by Inn Style ( Please refer to their terms and conditions, in english.
The online booking facility enables you to make a booking and pay the Deposit using your choice of debit or credit cards. In most case, you will receive immediate confirmation of your booking.
5.    Changes to Booking
Where applicable, you may modify your booking, such as Booking Dates, Room type. Changes to Booking Dates and Room type are subject to availability. If the price for the new Room type or new Booking Dates exceeds the Price for your old booking, you agree to pay the excess amount immediately. If the price for the new Room type or new Booking Dates is less that the Price for your old booking, you agree that no refund for the difference is payable by us, unless otherwise agree in writing.
6.    Cancellation
You or we may cancel bookings, subject to the following:
a) Cancellation by You. You may cancel your booking up until the Final Payment Date. If you cancel your booking, we will refund to you 50% of the Deposit that you have paid. Cancellation after the Final Payment Date is not permitted.
b) Cancellation by Us. We reserve the right to cancel your booking should there be insufficient demand overall for the accommodation at the particular location or for such other reasons as we think necessary. Subject to other provisions in the terms and conditions, if we do cancel the booking, we will refund your payment in full and you acknowledge that we have no further liability to you by way of compensation or otherwise. We will endeavor to give you reasonable notice should this be the case to minimize any inconvenience to you.